Avid Names LS Media Exclusive Canadian Distributor and Learning Partner

An Avid® agent for the last 10 years, LS Media has been offering Avid VENUE operator training for the manufacturer’s live mixing systems.  Now LS Media has added two more Avid distinctions: It has become the exclusive Canadian distributor for Avid’s live sound solutions, and it has joined the select Avid Learning Partner (ALP) program providing training in the use of Avid products.

Managed by national sales director Hugo Larin, Montreal-based LS Media prides itself in bringing technologically advanced professional products to its customers.  The company specializes in providing state-of-the-art equipment of unprecedented reliability for the demanding environments of live performance, broadcast and recorded production. Its in-depth level of technical expertise and advanced system training and commissioning make it a key resource in the marketplace.

As Avid’s exclusive Canadian distributor for live sound, LS Media supplies customers with Avid live sound systems, including the award-winning Avid VENUE | S6L mixing system. Avid VENUE | S6L is a fully modular, scalable live sound mixing system that delivers best-in-class functionality for a range of live sound mixing applications, including front-of-house, monitor, broadcast, theater, and more. Featuring modern, touchscreen workflows and the industry’s most advanced live sound engine, VENUE | S6L offers unprecedented power to easily handle large, complex tours and events.

In addition, LS Media has become an Avid Learning Partner (ALP) joining the most skilled training organizations in the industry that provide training on Avid products. The partner program provides content, curriculum and certification developed by Avid’s product experts and course developers to ensure Avid customers achieve the highest level of success possible.

“We are proud to have been selected as an ALP, and the first certification we will be offering is VE400 ACSR Avid VENUE | S6L system support,” says Hugo Larin.  The two-day certification, targeted to sound technicians, sound engineers and Avid live sound resellers, is a practical workshop that provides hands-on training in all aspects of installing, configuring, maintaining, troubleshooting and supporting the Avid VENUE | S6L system.  It will prepare candidates for the Avid Certified Support Representatives Avid VENUE | S6L certification exam.

“The course will give students a real-world ‘out of the box’ experience in installing and configuring Avid VENUE | S6L hardware and software components from the ground up,” Larin explains.  “They will get an overview of general operational procedures from a technical perspective, as well as more advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting techniques.  Students will also learn how to integrate Avid VENUE | S6L with Avid Pro Tools® and broader live sound environments.”

For more information on LS Media’s first ALP certification, please contact

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Mixing 25 Shows at the Théâtre St-Denis with S6L

Veteran engineer Pat Guertin has been mixing live and in the studio for the better part of 30 years. After working for various Montreal-based production companies, he went on the road with artists including Éonz, Deadlock, Bodh’aktan, and the famous Canadian rock band, Les Respectables. Most recently he’s been mixing FOH for Marie-Mai, and we recently spoke with Guertin about mixing the singer’s 25 show run at the historic Théâtre St-Denis on the new S6L system.

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FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre Chooses Avid VENUE Live Sound Systems

Avid®  announced that the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, a new state-of-the-art performing arts facility located in St. Catharines, Canada, recently embraced Avid Everywhere™ live mixing workflows and installed cutting-edge Avid VENUE live sound systems for their versatility, modularity, and portability. With systems integrator Westbury National Show Systems handling the audio and video installation for the new facility, FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre chose VENUE | S6L and VENUE | S3L-X systems for their industry acceptance and ability to handle a wide range of performance requirements.
Read press release here:

LUMINEX Offers AV and Lighting Over IP Technical Presentation at InfoComm 2015

InfoComm 2015 attendees are invited to participate in a free technical presentation by Luminex Network Intelligence, manufacturer of network backbone solutions. The goal of the presentation is to demystify the subject of AV and lighting over IP and offers guests an opportunity to explore the challenges, the protocols, and new standards. It will be held June 16, 2015, from 1:00 - 3:00pm at the Hyatt Regency Orlando's Meeting Room Discovery 48 on the mezzanine level.  

"We have given many technical presentations on this subject in the last few years," notes Hugo Larin, Luminex's director for America. "Participants are always glad they attended: They come out of the sessions with a level of confidence for making system design decisions like never before. They realize that they can tackle IT conversations and understand the requirements."  

Theagenda for the presentation covers some networking basics, such as switch differences and requirements for time sensitive/realtime networks. There will be an overview of the protocols and the realities of new standards: AES67, Art-Net, ETCNet3, sACN, AVB, MA Net, Dante, Q-LAN, and more.  

While the majority of the presentation is educational, Luminex will also show how its GigaCore family of Ethernet switches manages industry networks.  

Refreshments will be provided. For more information, or to RSVP, visit or contact

The Next Stage In Live Sound

VENUE has long been one of the most trusted and requested live mixing systems in the world, and now the legacy continues with VENUE | S6L, a modular system designed to take on the world’s most demanding tours and events with ease. Offering unprecedented processing capabilities—with over 300 processing channels—S6L delivers unrelenting performance and reliability through its advanced engine design and backs it up with modern touchscreen workflows and scalability to meet any challenge. Like all VENUE systems, S6L provides onboard industry-standard plug-ins and Pro Tools integration, but with more processing power and track counts than ever before. Plus, with a comprehensive array of network and I/O offerings, you can easily configure the system to meet the demands of any gig.

LUMINEX GigaCore Ethernet Switches Facilitate AV and Lighting at Desjardins Hall, Quebec

A single backbone fiber ring of LUMINEX GigaCore Ethernet switches unifies and simplifies all the AV and lighting functions at Desjardins Hall, a performing arts venue in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec.  Located in the Jean-Marie Roy Community Center, Desjardins Hall is part of a multi-use facility on the site of a former college.  It will be used for community theatrical and musical performances as well as for visiting artists and troupes.
Trizart Alliance, a globally-recognized theater and design consulting firm based in Montreal, designed and specified the LUMINEX fiber ring installed by Solotech Quebec. “We’ve been specifying LUMINEX products for close to a year now” for amphitheaters, casinos, performing arts venues and more, says Luc Gelinas, an associate at Trizart’s Design Group.  “We decided LUMINEX would be a good fit for Desjardins Hall.”
Trizart designed a single LUMINEX backbone fiber ring for all AV, lighting and network integration.  The ring consists of four GigaCore 16Xt PoE switches, which route signals to and from audio, control, an IP TV and a lighting network.  A GigaCore 12 managed Gigabit Ethernet switch, with a primary and secondary connection to the control room, handles all FOH networking needs from the main mix position.
“It is usual to have a number of dedicated networks and switches in small facilities but in this case we were able to handle all the needs with one Luminex GigaCore switche network ring,” says Gelinas.  The flexibility of the LUMINEX 16Xt PoE switches enable the ring to support many segments: ETCNet3/sACN lighting; Dante™primary/secondary audio; Biamp DSP and D&B speaker and amplifier control; SVSI Video over IP distribution for the green rooms and backstage; a signage processor; and the central Crestron control system.
“We chose LUMINEX for its ease of use and easy integration,” says Gelinas.  “The interface inside the boxes is simple to use and program – IT people don’t need to get involved in the process, and that’s not the case with some other systems.  The user interface is very easy to manage, too.  We had to consider that some system operators might have limited IT knowledge.”
Four LUMINEX DMX2-truss PoE nodes are used on the lighting network to provide sACN lighting data distribution from an ETC ION 2000 console.  ETC REMOTE FOCUS RFR and ETC PARADIGM boxes handle control and processing
On the audio side, the Dante network consists of a Yamaha CL5 console, Rio stage boxes and Shure ULXD4Q devices.  The Biamp Nexia DSP system and D&B loudspeaker and amp monitoring forms the audio control network.
The SVSI Video over IP network consists of video distribution to the green rooms’ and backstage’s LCD screens so performers can watch live camera stage feeds.
“The LUMINEX system is working quite well,” says Desjardins Hall technical director Eric Lagotte.  “It is very stable, and we’re very satisfied with it.  We haven’t had to touch the system parameters.  Everything is programmed and works wonderfully.”
Lagotte notes that the new venue has staged only several community programs so far.  “But we’re currently working on a schedule of professional programs to begin in the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 season” when the LUMINEX system will see increased activity.
“It’s great to see LUMINEX used in such a mission-critical application at Desjardins Hall,” says Hugo Larin, director for LUMINEX in America.  “Our integrator managed to deal with everything in a very simple and cost-efficient way.”
Larin echoes Gelinas when he says, “No IT staff was involved so installation cost and time were reduced.  An easy assignment of Ethernet switch ports in preconfigured groups serving different segments/protocols on the system was pretty much all that was required by the technician on site.  All the AV and lighting network requirements were already in the intelligence of GigaCore.”
At Solotech Jean-Pierre Toussaint was the project manager and Jean-Francois Huot the senior sales representative. 
Luminex Network Intelligence is a Belgium-based developer of lighting control, pro audio, and video data distribution equipment for the pro industry. It was formed by Bart Swinnen and Jan Renckens. Their complete DMX and Ethernet solutions range debuted at the Paralympics 2004 in Athens. Most recently, the GigaCore switch family opened the doors to the Pro Audio and AV markets for the company and broadened their commitment to the industry
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Luminex scheduled for ISE 2015 with AVB implementation preview

Luminex Network Intelligence, a Belgium-based developer of Pro AV and lighting control data distribution equipment, will introduce its latest developments at ISE 2015 in the RAI Amsterdam at stand 7, C220.
The AVnu Alliance member has been developing its AVB functionality into the switches' software stack and is now ready to give the industry a sneak preview.
Validated by many third party manufacturers of audio protocols and standards (AES-67, Dante™, Q-Sys Q-LAN and others), Luminex Network Intelligence is excited to enter the audio dance with AVB.
Interoperability validation of its switch technology and configuration for the Pro A/V and lighting industry has been one of Luminex's focuses since the release of the GigaCore switch family.
Made for industry people, by industry people, the products are designed to provide the users with a hassle free integration of mission critical networked products.
Bart Swinnen, Luminex CEO, comments, “We're proud to get our development in line with solutions that can simplify AV networks in a live sound environment. We’re really happy to be a provider of professional solutions for AVB and to serve this innovative market.” Luminex plans to complete validation with manufacturers , to make the AVB implementation public and to have its products certified by an AVnu Alliance-approved test lab.

LUMINEX GigaCore Switches Partner with BlackTrax on Global Entertainment Productions

GigaCore managed Gigabit Ethernet switches from LUMINEX Network Intelligence are working in tandem with BlackTrax tracking systems from The CAST Group, Toronto, on high-profile entertainment events worldwide, including shows from Feld Entertainment, Inc., the smart government awards show in Dubai and many others productions around the world.
Arena spectaculars and touring productions alike take advantage of the cost savings and automation offered by BlackTrax to deliver precise 3D and 6D positioning in real time to controllers for automated and robotic technologies.
In turn, BlackTrax integrates LUMINEX GigaCore 12 managed Gigabit Ethernet switches with its tracking solution to deliver rugged, reliable custom solutions guaranteed to perform show after demanding show.  “GigaCore managed Gigabit Ethernet switches are designed to cope with the most demanding lighting and AV installations in a truly user-friendly way,” says Marty Cochrane, BlackTrax product manager.
BlackTrax has enabled productions to replace many followspots with a single automated system that can track actors and moving set pieces.  BlackTrax also talks to media servers, which feed content for projection mapping onto moving sets.
The versatile GigaCore switches integrate well with the demanding multimedia environments that BlackTrax supports.  For example, “A single network ring of GigaCore switches can support the lighting ArtNet network, media servers, device management, the Internet and BlackTrax,” explains Hugo Larin, director for LUMINEX in America.
On some productions multiple GigaCore 12 switches act as “the brains of most of the show,” Cochrane says.  They deliver reliably, at wire speed, lighting console information and tracking data from BlackTrax beacons buried in moving set pieces and actors’ costumes to servers and end points. The BlackTrax system is responsible for the final data output.
“Cameras see the beacons and report their positions back through the switches to the BlackTrax server so we can track the artists and scenery” with lights that act as automated followspots and with video projection, Cochrane points out.
“BlackTrax servers can manage all this live on the DMX lighting network,” says Larin.  “The lighting consoles talk to the entire BlackTrax system via the GigaCore switches.”
Since LUMINEX GigaCore allows BlackTrax to put lighting and BlackTrax data on a single set of switches “there are no latency concerns” for customers, Cochrane points out – a real improvement over former systems.  “LUMINEX also supports the Interswitch Link (ISL) ring called RLinkX, which assures redundancy with fallover paths if connections or systems fail.  Our previous managed switches did not support the ISL ring.  But it’s a really useful option to have and very easy to set up.”
For the smart government awards show in Dubai, BlackTrax was deployed by ProTec to provide the tracking solutions for all the set pieces. BlackTrax was installed into the venue and BT Beacons were installed into the three set pieces: a 5x5 meter cube and two interlocking jigsaw pieces. There were a total of eight tracking points on the cube, and six tracking points per jigsaw.
BlackTrax used four Luminex GigaCore 16RFO for the show, which were “the brains” behind all BlackTrax and lighting control systems. There were ten BTCameras on the show, alongside the standard timekeeper, router, and eSync. The position of all the objects were then sent to the d3 media server.  The d3 server created a rigid body skeleton of those objects, which they used to projection-map all content onto. This project was the first d3/BlackTrax show to have all projection-mapped objects tracked.
BlackTrax first became familiar with LUMINEX switches when they heard that the Cirque du Soleil was using them.  BlackTrax tested them while exploring options for clients and quickly embraced the GigaCore switches. “Now, we recommend LUMINEX GigaCore switches on every show we do,” says Cochrane.
“Working with a company like LUMINEX that builds switches for the live entertainment market has been really helpful,” Cochrane says.  “We can call them, and they’ll understand what we’re trying to achieve and offer solutions.  LUMINEX has given us new updates to address our special needs.  They’ve been very responsive – something we didn’t see with the previous switches we used.”
LUMINEX Network Intelligence was formed by Bart Swinnen and Jan Renckens as a branch of parent company LUMINEX Lighting Control Equipment nv, which has an extensive technical background in the lighting industry.  LUMINEX Network Intelligence launched its successful Ethernet-DMX8 converter in 2004 when it ran 32 DMX lines at the Paralympics in Athens.  Their complete DMX and Ethernet solutions range debuted at Siel 2005 in Paris.
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Bayside Church Installs LUMINEX Switches, Node and Hubs to Create Single Network Backbone for Growing AV Needs

Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California has upgraded its AV system with a complement of equipment from LUMINEX Network Intelligence consisting of two GigaCore 12 managed Gigabit Ethernet switches, an 8-port Ethernet-to-DMX node and three DMX 10-port hubs.
Sacramento-based integrator Dave’s World Lighting & Scenic Designs selected the LUMINEX equipment, which was obtained from BP Productions in West Sacramento.  Dave Carr, who heads Dave’s World Designs, installed the original AV system for the church about ten years ago and added its first network-based lighting system a year later. 
The Biblically-based Bayside Church draws some 10,000 worshippers to its six weekend services.  The sanctuary holds about 2,400 people in a multi-purpose space with retractable seating and a stage, which can be partially removed to open up the floor.  Two 12x22-foot front projection screens, displaying IMAG, song lyrics, video and PowerPoint, are also movable. 
Last year the church upgraded to a grandMA2 Light console for lighting control and added a roster of Martin Viper Profiles, Viper Washes and Aura Washes to its lighting package.  The next step was a lighting network and distribution upgrade, moving from an existing set of DMX lines and multiple Ethernet networks running to the stage and back.
“Bayside Church is like a touring production that doesn’t tour,” says Carr.  “The church’s lighting had been handled by dumb switches – multiple lighting networks throughout the building.  But they were getting old and needed to be upgraded.”
In addition, the entry-level nodes in use had injected data issues and latency into the system.
Carr had been using LUMINEX switches for the past year as the network backbone for front of house and the stage on the Eli Young Band tour.  “They were flawless and reliable – a great solution,” he reports.  So LUMINEX was front of mind for Bayside Church’s upgrade.
“Initially, when I spoke with Bayside lighting designer Alec Takahashi, we were going to start with something small, like a LUMINEX node.  But then we decided to add the switches and hubs and build a single, solid network backbone that would be reliable for many years to come.  We wanted to get everything done early in November so the system would be up and running for the busiest time of year: the Christmas season.”
“LUMNEX seemed to be a very solid system, so we purchased an 8-port node that serves as our primary network infrastructure with the switches as back ups,” says Takahashi.  The system incorporates the media server and runs MA3D.
The slate of Christmas services proved to be “a very good test” of the new LUMINEX network, he notes.  Bayside Church held 16 services from December 18-24, each about 90 minutes long and featuring carols, candle lighting and a message from the senior pastor.  A special 360º circular screen, 21 feet in diameter, was hung above the stage with a circular lighting truss inside it; seating for the congregation was in the round.
“Before, the church was only wired for two DMX lines.  With LUMINEX we’re set up for eight DMX ports, and we used eight for Christmas,” says Carr.  “We were able to control the projection network over LUMINEX along with the MA console network and the media server network.  The lighting data distribution was done over LUMINEX, too.  It drove all the content with live feedback of video into the consoles and remote computers at the control center.”
“Our rig was a bit bigger than normal for Christmas,” says Takahashi, “and LUMINEX worked seamlessly.  We didn’t have to use our back ups but we had tested them, and the system worked seamlessly with them, too.”
“Bayside Church has a technical team and a team of volunteers, and they don’t have to deal with the system once it’s been configured,” says Carr.  “All the web interfaces are easy for them to understand.  You don’t have to be an IT person to master them.”
Carr’s associate Brian Vaughn controlled the video content for the church’s Christmas services.
“We expect that LUMINEX will serve us well for the next five to eight years,” says Takahashi.  “We plan to purchase another system for our new campus in Rocklin, California, which will launch in a few months” to accommodate a growing population of worshippers in the area.
LUMINEX Network Intelligence was formed by Bart Swinnen and Jan Renckens as a branch of parent company LUMINEX Lighting Control Equipment nv, which has an extensive technical background in the lighting industry.  LUMINEX Network Intelligence launched its successful Ethernet-DMX8 converter in 2004 when it ran 32 DMX lines at the Paralympics in Athens.  Their complete DMX and Ethernet solutions range debuted at Siel 2005 in Paris.
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Luminex and Philips create first stadium LED lighting

The new Philips ArenaVision LED is a lighting fixture dedicated for sports and multifunctional lighting applications. The unit brings a maximum design flexibility and high level of light quality, with no flicker effect in television application. Philips and Luminex worked together to bring an exclusive way to control and monitor these fixtures, offering maximum flexibility in switching between different types of events.
The partnership between the two companies started at RDM plug fest two years ago, and resulted in an agreement between both companies to share ideas and know-how. Luminex could bring its expertise in the entertainment market, and network based lighting control solutions.

Apprenez à faire de grands mix avec VENUE

Formation VENUE gratuite

Joignez vous à Chant Peck, gestionnaire du développement de marché « Live Sound » et Hugo Larin, directeur des ventes , technique, Canada de l'équipe Avid® Live Sound pour une démonstration portant sur les systèmes VENUE et comment ceux-ci peuvent améliorer votre mix. Les techniques utilisées par les plus grandes tournées et la façon d’intégrer celles-ci dans votre travail seront discutées. Deux sessions de formation seront présentées, il ne vous reste qu'à en choisir une - ou participer au deux!


Formation technologies réseaux

LS MEDIA et Luminex Network Intelligence sont heureux de vous offrir une présentation de produits dédiée aux professionnels audio, éclairage et multimédia de l’industrie ainsi qu’un atelier de formation en réseautique audio.

LUMINEX V2 Firmware, Increases Support for Industry Protocols and Makes Infocomm Debut

LUMINEX Network Intelligence, a Belgium-based developer of lighting control, pro audio and video data distribution equipment for the entertainment industry, has announced the introduction of GigaCore firmware V2, which ushers in a brand new core system for the GigaCore family of Ethernet switches.  This latest development will be showcased at Infocomm 2014 in LUMINEX booth C11447.
V2 firmware features support of precision time protocol (PTP v2), development for the support of AES67, new modules for future adoption of AVB, new group web interface, and enhanced PoE and Multicast media support.

In addition to the new industry protocol qualification, the GigaCore 16RFO, an Ethernet switch tailored for touring applications, will bow at Infocomm.  Also on hand will be the GigaCore RPSU, a redundant main and PoE supply rack-mount device for the GigaCore family.  It can support two GigaCore Ethernet switches and provide back up to one unit in case of power failure.
Visitors to the LUMINEX booth will also have the opportunity to see a demonstration of audio networking offered in conjunction with manufacturer Pivitec LLC.  These demo stations will highlight Pivitec Personal mixing systems and interface with a Yamaha digital console, Dante audio support and AVB/MADI bridging from Avid S3L systems.
“After an incredible 2013, we are very excited to be back at Infocomm showing the latest developments from LUMINEX,” says Hugo Larin, Director of LUMINEX Network Intelligence in America.

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LUMINEX Announces New GigaCore 16RFO Tailored for Touring Applications

LUMINEX Network Intelligence has introduced the latest member of its product family, the GigaCore 16RFO Ethernet switch specially tailored for touring applications and designed with the input of key industry players.  The Belgium-based developer of lighting control, pro audio and video data distribution equipment for the entertainment industry will showcase GigaCore 16RFO at InfoComm 2014 in its Booth C11447.
“We are very pleased to add this touring-friendly device to the GigaCore product line,” says Hugo Larin, Director for LUMINEX Network Intelligence in America.  “This no-compromise Ethernet switch is the result of feedback from the best users out there.”
The unit brings all the advanced functionalities of the GigaCore Ethernet switch range to a custom touring package.  The 2U-high device offers rugged optical connector options, including OpticalCon, which can be set at the front or rear of the unit, for a very flexible solution.

A full back up power supply is available for true redundancy at the power level.  A redundant PoE supply kit is also available as an option.
“Front-end display, rugged connectors and the easiest managed switch interface on the market combine to make the GigaCore 16RFO the ideal companion for a stressless tour,” Larin declares.

For more information visit

Canadian Rock Radio Brings S3L to Center Stage

Avid S3L powers Station 102.1 The Edge

Boasting over two-dozen "Station of the Year" awards from the Canadian Music and Broadcasting Industry, Toronto's 102.1 The Edge is one of North America's most respected and listened-to modern rock radio stations. The station hosts multiple live concerts per month—but their old analog system wasn't delivering the superior sound quality they needed. How did that change?
Read the story to find out how Avid® S3L made it possible for 102.1 The Edge to:

Host live events of any size—from fresh local acts to the world's biggest bands
Produce and capture exceptional sound quality in "a third dimension"
Integrate with their existing on-air infrastructure

To learn more about what this powerful system can do for you, check out the Meet the S3L webinar available on demand.

Flux:: Mastering Pack and Ircam TRAX - Now in AAX and 64-Bit!

Flux are pleased to announced; Solera v3, Pure Limiter v3 in AAX Native/DSP and 64-bit compatible and Ircam TRAX v3 in AAX Native and 64-bit compatible. With this now the entire Mastering Pack bundle is AAX Native/DSP and 64-bit compatible and the entire Ircam Studio bundle is AAX Native and 64-bit compatible.
As with the Native v3 versions, the v3 AAX DSP versions are fully 64-bit compatible (requires ProTools 11).
The update to the AAX Native and AU/VST 64-bit compatible v3 (version 3) of the above mentioned plug-ins is FREE of charge for all current owners of the corresponding software.
If you already own any of the mentioned plug-ins you can simply download the v3 installer and install it. If you want to try any of the mentioned plug-ins you can request a Trial licence to test the full version instead .

Introduction Special Offer - New Bundle Versions - 50% OFF!
With this release, in addition to the Mastering Pack Native 1.1 we also offer two new Mastering Pack bundle versions, Mastering Pack AAX +DSP and Mastering Pack Plus.
The Mastering Pack AAX +DSP contains all the Mastering Pack plug-ins in AAX Native and DSP versions, and the Mastering Pack Plus contains the AU/VST/AAX Native and DSP versions.
During the release period we offer a 50% discount* on Solera v3, Pure Limiter v3, Ircam TRAX v3, Mastering Pack Native 1.1, Mastering Pack AAX +DSP, Mastering Pack Plus and IRCAM Studio. 
Upgrade to any Mastering Pack or Ircam Studio - 50% OFF!
During the release period we also offer very benefical upgrades towards all the Mastering Pack bundles and IRCAM Studio. Anyone who owns any previous Mastering Pack bundle or any of the plug-ins included, or IRCAM Studio, a range of upgrade offers with 50% discount* on the normal upgrade price are available!
To find out more about the discounted prices and Your discounted upgrade options, contact us

Avid S3L Delivers Top Flight Sound at Crankworx Festival

Every summer, countless mountain bike enthusiasts converge on Whistler, British Columbia, to experience Crankworx, the largest freeride mountain bike festival in the world. This year’s event marked the 10th anniversary of this iconic festival, which featured the world’s top talent competing for over $175,000 in prizes, as well as a weekend concert series, contests, clinics, and more.

Be introduced to the new Avid S3L live sound system

AVID S3L Presentations announced in Edmonton and Winnipeg

Winnipeg (with partner SoundArt)

Edmonton (with partner Allstar-Show)

AVID S3L System- Présentation à Montréal / Montreal presentations


LUMINEX Joins AVnu Alliance Promoting Adoption of IEEE 802.1 AVB Standards

Montreal (June 7, 2013) – LUMINEX Network Intelligence has joined the AVnu Alliance, the Beaverton, Oregon-based the industry consortium that certifies IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) products for interoperability.  LUMINEX is a Belgium-based developer of lighting control, pro audio and video data distribution equipment for the entertainment industry.
AVnu Alliance is a non-profit organization formed by member companies to create compliance test procedures and processes that ensure AVB interoperability of networked AV devices and help provide the highest quality streaming AV experience for end users.  Utilizing AVB, the transmission of audio and video streams can be synchronized within a microsecond of each other with low delay and minimal lost data due to network congestion.  The AVnu Alliance is currently focused on three markets: professional AV, automotive and consumer electronics.
“Claiming to be an AVB-capable product is not enough these days,” says Hugo Larin, Managing director for Luminex Network Intelligence in America.  “The industry is looking for commitments toward AVB, and this is why we are very excited to announce that LUMINEX has joined the AVnu Alliance.”
AVnu Alliance’s Promoter members will write compliance and interoperability test guidelines, designed for the 802.1 AVB specifications, for bridge and endpoint products to undergo and then beAVnu certified.
As an AVnu Alliance Adopter member, LUMINEX will have access to those completed test plans; it will also be eligible to have its products enter certification in an AVnu Alliance-approved test lab and participate in AVnu Alliance-hosted plug-fests.
Larin notes that, “LUMINEX has been enjoying recent growth with users wanting to deploy audio over IP in a ruggedized and simplified way.”  To further broaden its reach, LUMINEX is making its first appearance at InfoComm13, June 8-14, in booth #561 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando where it will show its new range of Gigabit Ethernet switches with updated web-based user interface.
Bart Swinnen, Luminex CEO, concludes, “We're exited to get our hands on the technical documents and get our development in line. We’re really looking forward to be a professional solution provider for AVB and serve this innovative market.”

New Avid S3L Delivers the Hallmarks of Avid Live Systems in a Compact, All-New Networked Architecture

HDX-powered DSP engine, modular design, AVB Ethernet and EUCON open network standards redefine professional live sound mixing and recording
Avid today introduced the new Avid S3L, which delivers the sound quality, performance, and features of Avid live systems in an all-new modular, networked design. The open and flexible system is comprised of a high-performance HDX-powered mix engine running VENUE software and AAX DSP plug-ins, scalable remote I/O, a compact EUCON-enabled control surface, and Pro Tools® software for integrated live sound mixing and recording.
For artists and musicians, S3L delivers the audio clarity and familiar studio processing they need to sound and perform at their best. For engineers, having a high-performance engine at the core empowers them to create richly layered mixes quickly and champion their clients' signature sounds, without worrying about technical limitations. The streamlined networked design simplifies system set-up and configuration with drag-and-drop functionality, while direct Pro Tools recording and mixing capabilities open opportunities for live album releases.
"Avid S3L delivers all of the renowned qualities that Avid live sound users have come to rely on in an all-new networked architecture," said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of Products and Services at Avid. "This innovative system provides our customers with unmatched openness, flexibility, and efficiency to deliver their best sounding mixes anywhere, now and in the future, with uncompromising reliability and performance."
The compact S3L system is easy to take on tour or install in any club, theater, house of worship, or other performance venue to efficiently and easily respond to a broad range of demands.

Key S3L features include:

-Advanced, ultra-flexible system architecture
-HDX-powered floating-point mix engine for uncompromising performance
-Fault-tolerant Gigabit Ethernet network connects all devices using open AVB Ethernet and EUCON standards
-Total modularity—system can be configured with up to four Stage 16 remote boxes (up to 64 mic inputs)
-Ultra-compact design fits anywhere and transports with ease—perfect for fly gigs and bus tours
-Pro Tools and other DAW control using the S3 control surface as a EUCON controller (feature coming soon)
-Proven VENUE software
-On-board Pro Tools AAX plug-ins from Avid and third-party developers to re-create the sound of the studio in a live setting
-64 channels of direct recording/playback to Pro Tools (or other DAW) through a laptop Ethernet port
- Direct stereo recording/playback with any standard USB flash drive
-Total VENUE show file compatibility with all Avid live systems

System Configurations
The S3L System will be available in a variety of configurations for different I/O needs, from 16 to 64 inputs. All systems will include:
    S3 control surface
    E3 engine
    One or more Stage 16 remote I/O boxes
    VENUE software
    Pro Tools software
    Plug-in bundle
    Cables, accessories, and guides
Availability & Pricing
Avid S3L will be available at Avid resellers worldwide in Q3. Avid S3L starts at $17,995 GRP.

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New GigaCore Range of Gigabit Ethernet Switches from LUMINEX Network Intelligence Makes InfoComm Debut

LUMINEX Network Intelligence, a Belgium-based developer of lighting control, pro audio and video data distribution equipment for the entertainment industry, makes its first appearance at InfoComm showing its new range of Gigabit Ethernet switches with updated web-based user interface.  The GigaCore line will be exhibited in LUMINEX booth #561 at InfoComm13, June 8-14 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.
A young, ambitious company that has already made a name for itself in Europe, LUMINEX has designed the GigaCore line to handle the most demanding lighting and AV installations.  This next-generation family of Ethernet switches has three models – GigaCore 12, GigaCore 14R and GigaCore 16Xt.  They meet and support all industry protocols and offer a user-friendly experience with an industry-specific outlook and optimized defaults.  The products come with a built-in redundancy system providing a reliable and easy-to-set-up backbone for users’ networks.

The GigaCore line will showcase its updated web-based user interface at InfoComm.  It enables users to easily assign the network ports to different groups or segments on the network (protocol isolation), automatically detect links between GigaCore units  and provide network switch status.
The GigaCore Ethernet switches are optimized with a very fast recovery time for any link failures delivering seamless operation for sound, video and lighting protocols running over these links.  The products currently support audio over Ethernet protocols such as Dante, Ethersound and Q-Lan and lighting over Ethernet protocols such as Art-Net, ETCNet2, MA-Net and Streaming ACN (sACN).
Since their introduction at LDI last fall, the GigaCore line has been used in many applications and has been recommended as a third-party solution by leading industry manufacturers. 

GigaCore 12 offers 12 Gigabit ports on shielded Neutrik Ethercon ports, making it a rugged, environmentally-friendly device.  It features wire-speed layer 2 switching, port status, cable test, three LEDs per port (PoE, RLinkX, Link/Speed) and four status LEDs (OK, PoE, RLinkX, Power).  A PoE supply unit is optional.
GigaCore 14R includes all of the features of GigaCore 12 and adds two SFP cages for fiber connections.  It comes with a built-in redundancy system enabled on the fiber ports, called RLinkX, providing a reliable and easy to set up backbone for the user’s network.  RLinkX can also activate redundancy on other ports to create secured links; it also boasts redundant fans.  It adds backup PSU to the list of available options.
GigaCore 16Xt extends the functionality of GigaCore 14R with four SFP cages, which allow users to create complex network topologies over the fiber link, such as mesh or ring.  Its feature set includes a front-end display for basic configuration and the ability to assign groups within the network for better network isolation.  A backup PoE supply unit is optional.

More information on the GigaCore series  or at


Pure Analyzer System, Now 64-bit and AAX

Today we release the Pure Analyzer System sp3, introducing AAX and 64-bit compatibility. The stand alone Pure Analyzer application is now 64-bit compatible on both MAC OS X and Windows, and the SampleGrabber plug-in now supports AU/VST 32/64-bit, AAX Native (32-bit only) as well as AAX DSP 64-bit (requires ProTools 11).
Main New Features
Essential:  RTA: Real Time waterfall; see "slide" option in spectrum setup.
Live:  SnapShot: Invert ("Iv" button) function available on Transfer Function Magnitude. 
Main Enhancements
Mac OS X: The binary is now 64 bit.
Windows: 32 & 64 bit version available with independent installers.
Windows: No more Python installation needed, a python distribution is now instead included in the installer.
Auto adjust Sweep time for sweep snapshot according to the analyze time windows.
Sweep time increase up to 15 seconds.
Independent use of coherence for Magnitude and Phase curve transparency.
Freeze function with return key now working on all layout and enhanced on live layout (will hide all RT curves).
For current owners of Pure Analyzer System the upgrade is free of charge. The new versions are available for download Now, as are dongle-free trial versions for testing Pure Analyzer System.

Elixir and BitterSweet Version 3 - AAX Native/DSP and 64-bit Compatible

Flux Is proud to announce the release of AAX (Native & DSP) and 64-bit compatible versions of their software, built on their latest 64-bit version 3 framework, hereafter called v3. First out is the FREE BitterSweet v3 Transient Designer, and the Elixir v3 True Peak Limiter, and now that the framework is ready, they are aiming at having all software ported and available within Q1 this year.
The v3 framework improves the performance dramatically (measured 500-1000 percent improvement for Elixir depending on host environment!) and for the graphic rendering the v3 framework includes the GPU-efficient 2D/3D graphic engine, first introduced in the Pure Analyzer System, based on the OpenGL standard optimizing the audio-to-visual experience utilizing the GPU on the computer's built in graphics card.
The update to the 64-bit compatible and to the AAX Native version (AU/VST/AAX Native) is Free of charge for all current owners of Elixir, and can be downloaded when logged in to the customer download area on Flux website
Introduction Special 
During the release period, starting today with the last day of availability March 1st 2013, we offer you all an introduction special with 20% off on Elixir v3!
For more information please contact

Save up to 20% on VENUE with Your Trade-in

There are many reasons why the world's top sound engineers choose VENUE live sound systems than any other. Better, clearer sound. Relentless reliability. Ease of use. Support for the same plug-ins used in studios. Easy Pro Tools integration. Timesaving workflows. And the list goes on.
If your current analog or digital console isn’t giving you what you need to succeed, trade it in towards the purchase of a new VENUE D-Show or Profile System and, for a limited time, save up to 20%*.
    Trade in any console valued between $5,000–$15,000 USD MSRP  and save 10%
    Trade in any console valued over $15,000 USD MSRP and save 20%
If your audio needs revolve around more large-scale productions, the VENUE D-Show System enables you to expand and customize the console, I/O, and DSP power, giving you maximum flexibility and ease. If you want a more compact console with the same I/O and DSP expandability of the D-Show System, the VENUE Profile System is a great fit to take on performances of any size.

Please contact for details and to take advantage of this limited-time offer.
Expiration: Offer expires March 15, 2013.

LUMINEX Network Intelligence supplies GigaCore as Network BackBone for Manufacturer’s Roadshow and Christmas Concert Tour

In collaboration with QSC Audio Products and Shure (distributed in Canada by SFM), Luminex Network Intelligence is proud to be invited to participate in the stage production of Les Stars chantent Noël as the provider of the audio network backbone between FOH position and stage. 

As an audio professional, we are pleased to provide you with the unique opportunity to meet with the manufacturers’ technical resource teams for a personal demonstration of this production’s audio network configuration.
The Luminex GigaCore network switches will be supporting system control but more importantly Dante and Q-LAN protocols from the different devices.  Both the microphone source from Shure’s new Dante-based ULX-D wireless system and QSC’s Q-LAN-based Q-Sys loudspeaker and amplifier management system reside on the same network.
The second editionof Les Stars chantent Noël church tour begins in St-Jérome on December 1stand wraps up in Ottawa on December 17th.  Organized by Musicor Spectacle, this production unites eight Francophone artists who will be accompanied by a vocal ensemble of twenty singers and six musicians and together they will interpret traditional Christmas songs in some of Quebec and Ontario’s most beautiful churches.

Technical backstage visits are scheduled every show day between 4pm and 7pm.
December 1:  St-Jérôme Cathedral, 355 St-Georges Street, St-Jérôme, Quebec, J7Z 5A9
December 4:L’Assomption Cathedral, 362 Bonaventure Street, Trois-Rivières, Quebec, G9A 5J9
December 7-8:St-Roch Church, 590 Saint-Joseph Street West, Québec, Quebec, GIK 3B8
December 11:St-Michel Cathedral, 130 De la Cathédrale Street, Sherbrooke, Quebec, J1H 4M1
December 14 -15:Notre-Dame Basilica, 110 Notre-Dame Street West, Montréal, Quebec, H2Y 1T3 *
December 17:St-François D’Assise Church, 20 Fairmont Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 2K2
*Recorded for televised broadcast
For more information or to confirm your presence to a system specialist
Luminex Products, or QSC and Shure products at

LUMINEX Network Intelligence Unveils New Range of Gigabit Ethernet Switches at LDI 2012

LUMINEX Network Intelligence, a Belgium-based developer of lighting control, pro audio and video data distribution equipment for the entertainment industry, will make its debut in the U.S. by showing its new range of Gigabit Ethernet switches at Booth 1138 at LDI 2012.

“We’re proud to be attending LDI 2012 with the latest in our popular GigaCore line, a family of products that has reenergized the industry,” says Bart Swinnen, Director at LUMINEX. “LUMINEX is a young, ambitious company that has made a name for itself in Europe. Now, with our debut at LDI, North Americans will be introduced to our company’s high-performance products, which are known for their high reliability, excellent service and support. We’ll be meeting the growing interest and demand for our products by showcasing the GigaCore line.”

The next generation of Ethernet switches, the GigaCore line is designed to cope with the most demanding lighting and AV installations. The three new models - GigaCore 12, GigaCore 14R and GigaCore 16Xt - are managed through a web interface. They meet and support all industry protocols and offer a user-friendly experience with an industry-specific outlook and optimized defaults. The products come with a built-in redundancy system providing a reliable and easy-to-set-up backbone for users’ networks.

GigaCore 12 offers 12 Gigabit ports on shielded Neutrik Ethercon ports, making it a rugged, environmentally-friendly device. It features wire-speed layer 2 switching, port status, cable test, three LEDs per port (PoE,RLinkX, Link/Speed) and four status LEDs (OK, PoE, RLinkX, Power). A PoE supply unit, Group License for better network isolation and MultiLinkX license to increase available bandwidth between two GigaCore switches are optional.

GigaCore 14R includes all of the features of GigaCore 12 and adds two SFP cages for fiber connections. It comes with a built-in redundancy system enabled on the fiber ports, called RLinkX, providing a reliable and easy to set up backbone for the user’s network. RLinkX can also activate redundancy on other ports to create secured links; it also boasts redundant fans. It adds backup PSU to the list of available options.

GigaCore 16Xt extends the functionality of GigaCore 14R with four SFP cages, which allow users to create complex network topologies over the fiber link, such as mesh or ring. Its feature set includes a front-end display for basic configuration and the ability to create groups within the network for better network isolation. A backup PoE supply unit is optional.

LUMINEX Network Intelligence was formed by Bart Swinnen and Jan Renckens as a branch of parent company LUMINEX Lighting Control Equipment nv, which has an extensive technical background in the lighting industry. LUMINEX Network Intelligence launched its successful Ethernet-DMX8 node in 2004 when it ran 32 DMX lines at the Paralympics in Athens. Their complete DMX and Ethernet solutions range debuted at Siel 2005 in Paris. The GigaCore switch family opened the doors to the digital pro audio and AV markets for the new company and broadened their commitment beyond their traditional customer base.

LUMINEX is represented in North America by LS Media in Montreal. “We’re looking forward to the positive response to LUMINEX’s products at LDI and its introduction to the North American market,” says Hugo Larin, national sales director for LS Media. “LUMINEX has extensive technical background and knowledge in lighting and we expect to see them do very well in the coming year.”

LS MEDIA partners with Flux:: sound and picture development

LS MEDIA is proud to become Flux:: sound and picture development new Canadian distributor.

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AVID VENUE Canadian Rental Network

Want to know where AVID VENUE systems can be rented in Canada... See Canadian rental network map

We would like to welcome new rental partner Willson Audio-Visual, Hearbeat Production and Canwood Audio to the network!!!!


Avid will be showcasing the VENUE SC48 Remote digital mixing console, Pro Tools software and interfaces, as well as the ISIS 5000 system for real-time shared media storage at the upcoming InfoComm 2012 show in Las Vegas (Booth C9944).

VENUE SC48 Remote is the perfect system for installations where the front of house position is a ways from the stage, and running bulky multicore analog snake cables is not practical or is cost-prohibitive.

VENUE SC48 Remote System pairs a specially configured SC48 with the new VENUE Stage 48 remote box, enabling I/O to be placed closer to sources for better audio fidelity via fully redundant, auto-switching Ethernet AVB snake connections.


In collaboration with Solotech rental, your AVID VENUE team is pleased to offer Solotech en coulisse Trade Show attendees an express training session on VENUE system from AVID Technology.

Audio professionals are welcomed for a 150 minutes session focused on the essential skills required to operate VENUE. Limited seats are available (12-16 attendees per session) Reserve your seat or contact us at for further information!