Networks for Audio, Video and Lighting professionals

Seminar (3 hours)

This seminar is an introduction, dedicated to the entertainment and commercial professionals of the industry. Participants will gain knowledge on industry network solutions, understand the basic functions of networks and familiarize themselves in order to make educated decisions for deploying it.

  • Audio, Video and Lighting over IP, the convergence and the challenges
  • Configuration and Topology. What is a network switch?
  • Overview of the standard, the protocols and their realities
  • Functionalities and Technicalities examples
    • (AES67, Art-NetTM, AVB, DanteTM, ETC Net3, MA Net, Q-LAN, sACN, voLANte and others)
    • DanteTM (Audio clock, Fix latency, QoS and concept of unicast and multicast flow)
    • Art-Net and sACN (DMX over IP, Casting mode, Flow priorities and merging possibilities)
  • Important management functions of network switches
  • Rugged network cables and the technicalities

*Custom course with specific workshops (Dante audio over IP, ArtNet and sACN lighting networks) can be combined to the Networks for Audio, Video and Lighting professionals seminar to make it a more complete and tailored course