Avid VENUE | S6L Elite Support Contract

As an Avid VENUE S6L system owner, you were granted a 3 years Elite Live support package from purchase date. This is Avid highest level of service available to customers who work in the most mission-critical live sound environments. That means you’ll receive the highest priority care to resolve issues fast, get advice and answers, and have replacement hardware or parts shipped to you rapidly—wherever you are or will be.

This renewable annually package includes:

  • Advance hardware exchange (hardware warranty)  provided with same-day shipping.

  • Avid VENUE software upgrades available for download upon release through your Avid Account.

  • Dedicated Avid live sound support available 24×7 worldwide by phone or web.

  • Unlimited calls and web support cases with the highest priority response time.

  • Complete details here 

Owning a system without a contract means that you won’t benefit from the above services. That said various options to renew these supports services are available to you. Note that if you are renewing an expired support contract, a cooling period of 45 days is required before any claims can be made. This is not the case when renewing before the expiry date.

At the base is the obvious software and keeping up to date with the new feature and system capacities released. For this, you can simply renew a support contract called S6L Software, Expert Plus. It is the complete software package for your control surface, engine, and all firmware related and provides you with any releases for the period of the contract. The license agreement with the S6L software is valid for a single system.

What about the core and critical hardware in my control surface? A second option to contract renewal is the S6L Control Surface Core, Elite Live plan which covers part of the hardware of the control surface and includes the Master Live Module (MLM) and the Master-Touch Screen (MTS). This support contract does come with  the above S6L software with access to releases/updates. With this contract, replacement hardware is shipped the same day.

What about the system processing engine?  Talking about core can resonate right away to Engine. Avid Advantage E6L Elite Live support is there exactly for that. Any problems with the actual E6L engine or any of the populated option cards are covered by this program and defective parts are advance replaced and shipped the same day.

Can I have complete peace of mind? Of course, you can.  If you rather have your S6L control surface completely covered (not just the core), the S6L Control Surface Support, Elite Live is exactly this. It covers every bits and piece of your Avid S6L control surface. Like with the core package it includes the S6L software updates. (Core support not required when taking this option)  In the same way, the Stage, Elite Live support will provide an advance replacement for any defective components including that actual I/O cards within you actual system stage rack.

You can, of course, choose not to renew any support contract which will obviously mean that you would rather stay at the current state of software development. In the unfortunate event of hardware failure, defective parts can be purchased from the advance replacement program (preferential pricing) while the defective parts need to be ultimately returned to Avid after their replacement.

Need a quotation for your system?  Here is a quick form to fill – Quote request EnglishDemande de soumission Francais. Upon your approval of the received quotation, the support contract renewal will be requested and processed by Avid Support.

Written by Hugo Larin, Avid Live Sound ACI / ACSR.

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