Close Talker – Immersion: A silent concert in binaural audio

October 13, 2019

Close Talker, an Indie Rock band from Saskatchewan in Canada, virtually places their audience in the center of the stage with their silent binaural show Immersive.     The pre-production, live performance and recording of the show was created with the AVID S6L, Pro Tools and the Spat Revolution Immersive Audio Engine, using binaural audio and headphones for the audience.… Read more

Spat Revolution with Jean-Michel Caron in Cirque’s new production – BAZZAR

December 21, 2018

Together with the amazing audio-team; Patrice Langlois, Nicolas Michel and Emmanuel Puginier, Sound designer Jean-Michel Caron kicks off the world premiere of Cirque’s new production Bazzar in Mumbai, India, running there until December 9th, and in Delhi between December 25th and January 20th. This will be followed by a visit to United Arab Emirates.  BAZZAR is an eclectic lab of infinite creativity where… Read more

Spat Revolution – User Guide (Beta) Available Now!

October 16, 2018

Today we are pleased to release the Spat Revolution user guide (beta). The user guide is written for practitioners already working in immersive sound production yet new to the Spat Revolution software environment. Is also intended to be read as a practical introduction to surround and immersive audio production for those who are new to the medium and coming to… Read more

An Introduction to Spat

November 13, 2018

Did you ever wonder what the Spat Revolution Immersive Audio Engine advanced source parameters were all about? How some panning techniques avoid sweet spots for live concert and installation? Wondering how multiple room soundscape using different set of loudspeakers and delivering different output stream can be achieved? What to learn on how live theatrical show are using Spat Revolution?     Read… Read more

Spat Revolution Version 1.1

October 17, 2018

Today we release Spat Revolution version 1.1 containing a range of improvements and optimizations to the GUI, the Automation and OSC implementation, the Spat Plugins, the Speaker Configuration and the overall software stability In addition to this, an extensive list of new features and functions has been implemented enhancing system configuration setup and external integration, and improving the user interaction… Read more

Avid Names LS Media Sole Canadian Distributor and Learning Partner

October 24, 2016

An Avid® agent for the last 10 years, LS Media has been offering Avid VENUE operator training for the manufacturer’s live mixing systems.  Now LS Media has added two more Avid distinctions: It has become the sole Canadian distributor for Avid’s live sound solutions, and it has joined the select Avid Learning Partner (ALP) program providing training in the use… Read more

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